Bad odors

We eliminate impurities and gaseous odors that are harmful to the environment.


It is an industrial installation for pulsed corona discharge that is used to clean the exhaust air of impurities and odors harmful to the environment, through plasma. Certificate of conformity: № С-RU.AB28.B.03797

 The units can be used in any company where there is a source of emissions.

Physico-chemical and technical principles

The reactor chambers carry out the cleaning of the air, they form a cylindrical body connected to ground with a high voltage electrode located coaxially, through which the current of gases to be cleaned circulates.

A nanosecond corona discharge creates the low-temperature plasma in the reactor chambers, which arises under the influence of pulses generated by a specially designed high-voltage pulse generator.



  • Varios tamaños estándar
  • Alto grado de depuración
  • Escalabilidad
  • Mínimo consumo de energía
  • Low cost of ownership

Of service

  • Lack of consumables
  • Comfortable control system
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